The Union is Changing

14:52 22 april, 2015

A majority of the Swedish people believe that without trade unions their salary, social security, parental leave and working conditions would be worse off. Still the Unions lost members.
Now the TCO affiliates wins members again. We believe that our renewing project 2007-2013, The Union is Changing (Facket Förändras) played an important role for this development.

The Union is Changing (Facket förändras) was an initiative by TCO´s 14 affiliates. The project aimed to change the way the union works and visualize the value of membership. The TCO and the affiliates wanted to create a dialogue with young and highly educated based on their needs and demands, whether they are already members or not. The trade union movement needs a younger and more modern approach to be an apparent choice for the youth!

As a first step towards change TCO organised a dialogue with young people through a campaign with “suggestion boxes” which resulted in over 1 800 suggestions of what is needed by the younger generations and how the unions should move forward. Based on the suggestions TCO facilitated a smoother mobility between the affiliates, increased the support for fixed-term workers and developed ways of support for Swedes working abroad. TCO is also putting focus on increasing the knowledge of the individual as well as the collective economic value of collective agreements. An example is the widespread TCO films on the Youtube: Like a Swede

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Den 20:e september samtalar vi om hur en skattereform kan bidra till en mer effektiv bostadsmarknad.

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Regeringen och samarbetspartierna saknar en sammanhängande politik för en bättre fungerande arbetsmarknad anser TCO.

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