Education must pay

Education and training are becoming the most important forms of insurance against unemployment and insecurity on the labour market. It is the employees who lack education that are the first to be hit by unemployment at the beginning of an economic recession. Educational divisions in society must be reduced, and the universities and colleges must be opened up to new groups. There must be a clearer link between pay and competence, however, so that more people feel that investing in higher education is worth the effort. Education must pay. 

On the labour market of the future, it will be necessary to undergo training at regular intervals in order to update old knowledge or acquire completely knew knowledge. Society must therefore develop systems for lifelong learning. Education and training must become natural elements of working life. In the wider context, education and training are preconditions for continued growth and welfare in Sweden. The major challenge facing education policy today is to make higher education available to more people during their working lives.

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