TCO's guidelines

14:39 24 juni, 2013

These are TCO's guidelines for security in the new labour market, according to TCO's congress in May 2007.

Security is to get a job, retain the job and be able to switch jobs if you want. TCO will work for increased security in the labour market by a developed social contract and collective agreements as a basis, and based on the individual's need for security and mobility without reducing the security of employment.

Making the puzzle fit
To make it possible for both men and women to combine work and family life on the same terms and still fit together the various pieces that make up the puzzle of their lives.

Worklife conditions 
To review and contribute to stronger security solutions for all, with particular regard to the fixed-term workers situation and with a focus on increasing the share of permanent employment.

Individual influence 
To increase individuals' ability to responsibility and influence in the modern work organization.

Education must pay
To enhance opportunities of learning new skills in the workplace by making it possible for everyone to take part in training throughout their working lives.

The individual's role in business development 
To draw attention to the relationship between business development and performance and the value the individual possess by virtue of their knowledge, experience and skills. 

To promote common solutions for security, during a time of conversion, between the main actors on the labour market.

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