Higher education and delivering skills for the future

Deborah Roseveare

22 JANUARI 2015, 10:00 - 11:00
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Skills play a crucial role in fostering economic prosperity and social inclusion. And as highlighted in the OECD Skills Strategy, achieving better economic and social outcomes requires a concerted approach to developing relevant skills, ensuring those skills are activated in the labour market, and using skills effectively. 

Deborah Roseveare emphasizes that the higher education sector plays an important role in developing the skills needed for a knowledge-based economy, as well as spurring innovation through research and development.

Higher education systems are very diverse both within and across countries, but they often face similar challenges in ensuring high performance across their entire higher education systems in a rapidly evolving world.

According to a survey on working conditions across Europe Sweden is a country with a very high number of workers reporting new processes or technologies being introduced in their workplace that affect their immediate working environment, and where substantial restructuring or reorganisation is taking place.

OECD’s own PIAAC survey shows that a lot of people outside the labour market have considerable skills and competences that could be considered a great untapped potential.

Some important challenges for the future of higher education are demographics, economic development in an inter-connected world, and the dramatic expansion of tertiary graduates in China and India.

It is clear that countries, whatever their situation today, need higher education systems to be high performing and well-designed for the skill needs for the future.


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Deborah Roseveare

chef för Skills Beyond School på OECD:s utbildningsdirektorat

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